Tuesday, October 7, 2014

Christian Families are Murdering their Babies in Cold Blood

In the six years that I have been advocating for the preborn, I've been increasingly troubled at what I've witnessed from the Christian community with regard to how they respond and react to the sin of abortion.

The most troubling reality that I and other abolitionists across the country have been witnessing over and over is that there are more Christians who murder their babies in the womb than there are Christians who are or will genuinely advocate for the preborn and work to abolish human abortion.

Sunday, October 5, 2014

UMC Pastor will not Repent of His Support for Baby Murder

It is very heart-breaking to witness firsthand how a pastor simply refuses to speak up for his preborn neighbors.  Nearly two weeks ago, after a brief email exchange with the senior "pastor" (Steve Ezra) from St. James United Methodist Church in Tampa, Florida, Steve reached a point where he would not answer my question to explain to me why he supports a church doctrine that allows women to have their preborn babies murdered. So I decided to visit the church today to see if I could get an answer from him.