Tuesday, September 17, 2019

It's hard in our day and age to even fathom that our ancestors in the U.S. actually used to sell other human beings as property, yet it was a very common practice of buying and selling human beings in the market place in our land for more than 200 years before it was done away with and rendered unthinkable in our land.

Deplorably, here we've sat for the past 46 years STILL ignoring our preborn neighbors and allowing them to be murdered in the womb by their own mothers because most Christians adhere to a false perception that murder-minded mothers are a victim of their selfish heinous act of murdering their own baby in the womb. This mentality has left a horrifying wake of millions of fellow image bearers of God being poisoned and butchered without any justice for their murder and with no end in sight. This is SIN!

It's time for the Church to repent of her apathy and indifference toward the suffering of the preborn and to truly love her preborn neighbors and engage in the battlefield to put forth a labor of love to criminalize murder in the womb. Get involved TODAY.  #LoveBeginsInTheWomb #ChurchRepent  #CriminalizeAbortionNow #TheLawRestrainsTheMurderer