Sunday, February 23, 2014

"Your Images are too Shocking!"

(The following article is authored by the admins of the website as part of the Abolitionists' response to everyone who disagrees with the use of graphic images of murdered preborn babies in public.)

Yes, these pictures are of children. Brutally murdered children. Children formed after God’s own image and slaughtered in accordance with the laws of our land. Children who are your neighbors, your sons and daughters, and fellow human beings. We totally understand your disgust at seeing these images. We just don’t think you are disgusted enough.

But we agree. We’re not fond of seeing these images either. But just look at what our apathy is allowing to occur in our so-called modern world.  Consider how the institution of child sacrifice has more than ruined the days of over 55 million innocent children.

That is to say… If you find these images to be depicting something so evil that high schoolers (many of whom play video games where they can put a gun to the head of a life-like human and pull the trigger or watch hours of TV depicting zombies eating brains or serial killers kidnapping and torturing teenage girls) shouldn’t see them, why in the world are you not doing anything to stand against it?

Monday, February 17, 2014

Florida "School Safety Zone" Does Not Infringe on First Amendment Rights

All abolitionists who are doing ministry work in the state of Florida need to be aware that some school officials are not aware that the 500 foot school safety zone (Statute 810.0975) does not infringe on citizens' First Amendment rights.

The end of Section (2)(c) of Florida Statute 810.0975 reads as follows: "Nothing in this section shall be construed to abridge or infringe upon the right of any person to peaceably assemble and protest."  

This sentence confirms that the abolitionist who is conducting his/her ministry work in front of the public school on the public sidewalk is well within his/her First Amendment right to peaceably assemble and "protest."  The abolitionist is (by definition) conducting "official business" inside the 500 foot safety zone.

For those abolitionists in the state of Florida who are doing ministry work in front of the public schools, please follow this link to the official School Safety Zone Statute 810.0975 and print off several copies of it to always have on hand to offer to the school officials and school officers who have wrongfully told you to move outside of the school safety zone or who have wrongfully told you to move across the street, etc.  

Monday, February 3, 2014

Are Christians Guilty of Aggravated Child Neglect?

Last summer the state of Florida charged a man with aggravated child neglect.  Here is how the June 13, 2013 article, written by from the Orlando Sentinel reads:
 "An Alabama man who was charged after a 4-year-old girl drowned in a Kissimmee resort pool last week did nothing to save her, Kissimmee police said in a report released Thursday.
Genesis Harper died June 7 at a pool in the Coral Cay Townhomes.
Police reviewed surveillance video from the pool that shows Elijah Darnell Morton, 28, just a feet away from Genesis as she splashed and struggled to stay above the water, Kissimmee Police spokeswoman Stacie Miller said.