Monday, February 9, 2015

Church Exhortation—Pastors will not help rescue the preborn

After several attempts to get a meeting scheduled with someone from CityLife Church in Tampa to discuss the plight of the preborn, I was told by the receptionist, Leticia, that pastor Reuben was "not interested" in having a meeting with me. Since they refused to have a meeting to discuss the plight of the preborn, it was necessary to reach out directly to this church body through a Church Exhortation to ask for their help to rescue the preborn babies in Tampa and expose the evil of abortion.

Sadly, in the video below, you will witness first hand how two pastors demonstrate their lack of love for the preborn as individual persons worthy of individual love and protection.  One of the pastors, Reuben, who would not even respond to my emails, finally comes right out and confirms that he will NOT allow me an hour of his time to explain the mission work of abolishing human abortion. All these pastors talk about is counseling people AFTER they have had their babies murdered. And somehow that is good enough for them to justify their refusal to help any of the 300 babies who are being mercilessly slaughtered every week in Tampa.

It's time to go on the OFFENSE and get SERIOUS about ending America's Abortion Holocaust. When will the pastors have a heart for the preborn and start treating baby murder like the mass homicide that it is?  Will you help to end the slaughter?

Diana Kline
Abortion Abolitionist