Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Man Sentenced to NINE Years in Prison for Murdering His Baby in the Womb

Joshua Woodward  secretly dosed his girlfriend with abortion drug.
You have GOT to read the article linked here about this man, Joshua Woodward, who was sentenced to nine years in prison for murdering his preborn baby. Just look at the utter, utter hypocrisy! If a man wants to murder his baby in the womb of the mother of his baby, then he's declared a "textbook psychopath," a "sick, sick individual" and "disgusting." In addition he is characterized as a person who "doesn't care who [he] hurts as long as [he] gets what [he] wants."

But somehow in the metamorphosis world we live in, if a woman wants her baby in the womb murdered, then somehow that same baby is no longer human and the baby's mother becomes a god of the universe who has the ultimate power to sentence her baby to a brutal death and have her (the mother's) criminal actions proudly deemed as her praiseworthy CHOICE!

For committing the same violent act of murder to an innocent baby, the father gets 9 years in prison for ATTEMPTED MURDER while the mother (committing the EXACT same crime) is hailed for exercising her CHOICE.

Get real people!! If our society has no problem putting this man behind bars for 9 years, why on God's green earth can people not see that mothers who murder their children in the womb deserve the same labels, characterization and prison sentence as what this man received? And that goes 10-fold for the baby butchers who profit from the murder of preborn babies for a living.