Thursday, March 18, 2021

"Pro-Life" Leaders have Failed the Pre-born

The "pro-life" movement (or better stated "pro-life" INDUSTRY) has actually failed to be a true advocate for the preborn. They lost their way within the first decade of their movement because leaders in the movement realized there is tons of money to be made by simply "saving a few lives" while allowing the
mass slaughter of the preborn to continue unabated. There is no "step in the right direction" with so-called "pro-life" legislation. The only thing "pro-life" legislation does is regulate the mass murder of pre-born babies with no end to their suffering in sight.

Hence, the only answer to ending the mass slaughter of pre-born babies is to criminalize it through a bill/law of Abolition. Find out more on how to make the shift from "pro-life" regulation to the work of Abolition at
To help you further understand how our "pro-life" culture has actually cultivated a culture of mass murderers, visit: