Saturday, January 14, 2017

Girl Expresses Righteous Anger Over Murder of Babies in the Womb

Abolitionists across the country are taking the truth of baby murder out in front of our public schools to educate the young people in our nation on what abortion does to a little tiny baby in his/her mother's womb. In this video footage you will witness first-hand how children know instinctively that the murdered baby in the picture on the sign is a fellow image bearer of God, and they know that it's an injustice to murder the babies. Watch how this middle school student expressed her righteous anger over the murder of babies in the womb.

This is how abortion will be abolished: When we expose the truth of baby murder to children, they will grow up to end the slaughter and won't tolerate any exceptions!  Will you start being a voice for your preborn neighbors? You can get started with ordering some abolition equipment and supplies at this link Also, get all the details on what it means to be an abolitionist and how to start an abolitionist society in your town at this link:

(Click here to watch the featured video directly on YouTube.)