Thursday, January 23, 2020

Mother Admits She Would NOT Murder Her Baby if Abortion was Criminalized

This encounter with a woman whose baby is 16 weeks old in the womb (before his murder) reveals that women are **NOT** victims of abortion. They have it set in their heart to have their baby murdered because they refuse to take responsibility for raising their child. A law that punishes everyone involved in the murder of a baby in the womb will restrain mothers from hiring a hit-man to murder her baby in the womb. #CriminalizeAbortionNow

Thursday, January 16, 2020

The "Pro-Life" Industry is Not on a Path to End Abortion

The "pro-life" industry has never been on a path to actually end abortion. They claim to be championing the lives of preborn babies, but that is so far from the truth.

Everyone involved in
the murder of babies
in the womb needs
to be brought up 
on murder charges. 
What started out as a movement has turned into a multi-million dollar money-making machine of exploiting the preborn and regulating their murder.  All they truly desire is to ensure that the murder of preborn babies is committed inside clean and well regulated "medical" facilities.

Here's a direct quote from the following article linked here, "Life Legal vigorously defends state laws like Louisiana’s to ensure that abortionists are not allowed to operate in the shadows."

So in other words, this morbid "pro-life" law firm just wants to make sure that the murderers operate in full view of the public as long as they (the killers) kill and dismember the bodies of preborn babies inside professional, well-respected facilities where they properly dispose of the babies' bodies as medical waste to be incinerated and not kept inside jars in refrigerators the way Gosnell ran his "medical" facility.

Don't fall for any of the "pro-life" industry's twisted murder regulations. It's time to actually CRIMINALIZE the murder of preborn babies. Support the work of Abolitionists who are calling on state legislators to present a bill of abolition in their state to criminalize abortion.

DON'T give any of your money to any "pro-life" organization. And don't give any of your money to pregnancy centers. Seriously, even the pregnancy centers support a woman's choice to murder her baby in the womb. They exploit the preborn to garner donations to keep their money-making industry running like a well-oiled machine. They put forth advertisements and fund raisers, requesting that you donate $1,500 per baby for them to "save." It's total exploitation of the preborn for financial gain. Don't be a part of their morbid practice.

Start donating to Abolitionists who are the real Christians who are laboring to Abolish Human Abortion FOR REAL. One place that's a legitimate place to donate to is