Tuesday, February 9, 2021

"Pro-Life" Legislators Killed Bill of Abolition

In the Health and Human Services Senate committee meeting at the Oklahoma state capitol on February 3, 2021, all seven "pro-life" legislators voted down SB495 that would have successfully criminalized abortion in the state of Oklahoma. This bill would have also ultimately nullified Roe v. Wade. These actions by the "pro-life" legislators exposes the "pro-life" establishment for the murderers they have been all along. The charade is over, people. It's time for "pro-lifers" to closely examine the "pro-life" establishment for the corrupt entity that it is, and then take action to challenge the status quo and labor to criminalize abortion for the murder that it is. 

For decades the "pro-life" establishment has been secretly in alignment with the abortion industry. They have been playing a game of professional wrestling with the pro-choice legislators, pretending to champion the lives of the preborn while the only thing they've done for the past 48 years is regulate when, where, how and why a woman can murder her baby in the womb.  It's total and complete deception! Don't ever donate another cent to any "pro-life" organization. 

Christians need to put their time and resources into candidates, missionaries and organizations who are laboring to actually criminalize abortion in their state. One organization that is leading the charge to criminalize abortion is Free The States. Please consider making a contribution to their committed work to honor God. Click here for the link to the article they wrote concerning this recent committee vote that denied the preborn equal protection under the law. The article contains the names and email addresses of all the committee members, as well as, Free The States' resolve to continue moving forward to attain equal protection for the preborn. 

Below is a video of the 15-minute portion of the senate meeting when the bill was introduced to the committee; discussed and debated; and then the vote taken.