Monday, April 20, 2015

Seeing Images of the Murdered Preborn Changes Hearts

I came across this article for the first time, "Horrified Medical Student: I was pro-choice, but I just saw a baby torn limb from limb in abortion."   This is more proof that when people actually SEE what abortion does to a preborn baby after the baby has been in the hands of a baby killer, that it truly causes people to reconsider or otherwise change their mind on being "pro-choice."

In the article the medical student says, "I don’t think that people realize what an abortion actually is until they SEE it happen. I have been tortured by these images—so real and so vivid—for two days now…and I was just a spectator. Never again will I be pro-choice, and never again will I support the murder of any human being, no matter their stage in life." (Emphasis mine.)

^^There you have it. Directly out of the mouth of a former pro-abort. It's time to get out into the public square and expose the evil of abortion. Go to and join or start an abolitionist society in your community. No more excuses. Just do it!

Thursday, April 2, 2015

How to stop the devil from killing your grandchildren

This message is for every Christian and every pastor to hear and heed. Put aside what you're doing right now and take the time to listen to this extremely important message.