Wednesday, August 19, 2020

It's Time to Undo the Damage

Did you know that back in 1920 a doctor by the name of Ben Reitman in Ohio was sentenced to six months in prison and a $1,000 fine for imparting contraceptive information? And during that same time period, Margaret Sanger was serving a 30-day jail sentence for a similar offense.

In 1920 "Dr." William Robinson wrote the Fifteenth Edition of his book entitled, "Birth Control or The Limitation of Offspring." In the preface to this edition he included the preface of the Fifth Edition of his book in which he wrote the following: "No change has taken place in our federal or State laws since this book made its appearance, eight months ago; the law against contraceptive information are still on our statute books in all their stupid malignity. But a tremendous change has taken place in the public opinion; the people who want the information are obtaining it, and the problem which is of such vital interest to the individual and to the race is gradually solving itself, without the aid and in spite of our legislators. January 1st, 1916."

Back then abortion was unthinkable in our society. It was unthinkable because society knew
that it was murder and they knew that murder is already punishable by law. There didn't need to be a specific law identifying abortion as murder because society already viewed abortion as murder.

Horrifyingly, that book that Robinson wrote back in the early 1900's was the kind of propaganda that spread like wildfire throughout our nation which created the gradual culture of brutal murder in the womb that we have today. Exceptions for rape and incest were part of this gradual dehumanization of the preborn that ushered society to the place of justifying murder in the womb for any reason.

In chapter two (pages 34-35) of his book Robinson wrote, "In short, in my opinion, too many children in other than well-to-do families is a crime. It is a crime against every member of the individual family, a crime against the father, a crime against the mother, a crime against the first children, a crime against the succeeding children, and a crime against society."

In order to 
undo the damage that Robinson caused from his book and bring back society to the point of viewing abortion as murder, we are going to have to pursue and establish official legislation that identifies abortion as the murder that it is.

Saturday, August 8, 2020

Anatomy Student Claims an Embryo is Not Life

Mainstream academia has lost all common sense of the fact that a human embryo is the LIFE of a new baby inside his mother’s womb who is worthy of human dignity. As a result, the majority of society views preborn children just as much a piece of property as society viewed the black community in the 1800’s. It’s time to #CriminalizeAbortionNow.

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