Friday, June 27, 2014

Does it Break your Heart that over 3,500 Babies are Murdered Everyday in America?

Do you have any level of compassion for the thousands of preborn babies who are being brutally murdered every day in America? If your answer is, "yes" then when are you going to take action to advocate for them?

If your cell phone service provider or your internet provider falsely overcharged your account, would you just pray for God to fix the problem for you or would you pray for guidance as you take action to advocate for yourself?  If you start out just praying about the issue, how much of the wrongful overcharges would you continue to pay before you pick up the phone to get the issue resolve? Let's be 100% honest here. The truth is you wouldn't hesitate to pick up your phone to talk with a representative for as long as it took to get the issue resolved. Am I right?